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The Owners

Cass and Traci Beaver

We are Cass and Traci Beaver, the current owners of Fitness Experience! You will also see our two kids, Nathan and Kendall, cleaning, helping, and earning their keep.

Cass is a ‘99 graduate of South Albany High School and works at Samaritan hospital. Traci works for Greater Albany Public Schools and is currently the Dean of students at Memorial Middle School. We have lived in Albany for the last 13 years. We love this community and feel so lucky to be able to serve and make a difference in a new capacity. We look forward to meeting all the members and have GREATLY appreciated all the love and support we’ve received so far.

Our team



Kayla has been a certified personal trainer for 4 years and got her Crossfit level 1 in February. She has been a member of Fitness Experience since 2020 and started working here in October 2021. Kayla says “I love coaching strength and conditioning, beginner and advanced senior classes, and helping my personal training clients get stronger and improve their quality of life no matter what stage they are in.


Mason has a level 1 Crossfit certification and has been actively coaching strength and conditioning classes, group fitness class, and teens strength and conditioning classes for 4 years. She has been a long time member of Fitness Experience, starting when she was just 15 years old! Mason says that “Fitness Experience was my first coaching job and has been a second home to me for the better part of a decade. I love helping clients crush their goals through personal training and strength and conditioning classes to live a longer and healthier life.”


Michelle has always enjoyed team sports and, at a young age, participated in cross country, track, and basketball. Following college, Michelle continued to pursue her passion for fitness and became an instructor for an outdoor HIIT Bootcamp program with Fitness Revolution in California. Now in Oregon, she has been participating in Crossfit for the last 8 years and has her level 1 certificate. She has been coaching for the last three years in both, group and one on one settings. In between running 25k trail races, half marathons, and 50k ultra trail runs, she enjoys sharing her passion for endurance training, weight lifting, and nutrition with others to help them reach their goals so they can live the life they have always wanted.


Gabe joined the Fitness Experience personal training team after being part of the FE family for over 5 years. After his own personal transformation and fitness journey, Gabe became a certified Powerlifting Coach to share his passion and knowledge. His training includes an emphasis on powerlifting related exercises and techniques but also includes strength and conditioning. Not only will you physically challenge yourself throughout your trainings with him, but your mentality with life will grow too.


Daniel recently joined the Fitness Experience team at the front desk. Daniel’s friendly smile, great attitude, and eagerness to learn and contribute make him a huge asset to our team.


Nick is part of our strength and conditioning coaching team. Nick holds a Crossfit Level 1 certificate. Nick’s passion for fitness, lifting, and hard work show through his commitment to understanding movement patterns, researching and learning the fundamentals that build a foundation for your strength and conditioning fitness journey.

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